Friday, June 7, 2013

Mister Rogers Remixed (B-Side) | "Sing Together" Review

From my earliest memories of television as a child I remember watching Mister Rogers' Neighborhood very often, maybe every day.  I remember thinking a lot while watching it, I wasn't zoning out or getting caught up in story or "entertainment".  I remember wondering where his family was (for a long time I thought he really did live in that house) and what he did with his time when he wasn't on the show.  I was an only child,  and I did experience some very difficult things during my growing up years, but I always felt comforted and loved when I watched his show.  When I think of the vast numbers of children like myself who were impacted so profoundly by his kind & genuine being, I think "this man was a prophet".  I love this remix from PBS digital studios, brings back so many happy memories, and reminds me that all those things are still true today.

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