Thursday, June 6, 2013

"Beasts Of The Southern Wild" Movie Review

I watched this movie today with my middle school aged daughters, one of them loved it and one stopped watching about half way through.  I enjoyed the movie a lot.  It was beautifully filmed, well written, and the actors were all quite talented, especially little "Hush Puppy".  It's a fantasy drama, most of it is *real* but there are imaginative, fantasy portions as well.  In some ways it's similar to "Pan's Labyrinth", "Big Fish", or "Bridge to Terabithia". There were moments were things seemed a little slow, but overall I'd give it 4.75 stars.  As for ratings I understand why it is PG-13 (some violence towards children & mild sensuality / women in nighties) but it's not nearly as PG-13 as many other movies, it's a lot closer to PG in my opinion. 

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